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Young Man

Ja'Ron Jenkins

Ja'Ron runs the bar and kitchen. He 

Ja'Ron's History

Ja'Ron is so Bay. He rocks with every sports team in the Bay no matter how bad they’re playing, but you’ll def hear about it. He’s born, raised, and still lives in the Filmore, the last vestige of Black culture in San Francisco that’s headed for gentrification. He needs this job to support his life and get in with a crowd of folks who have money.

He’s an aspiring comedic actor but doesn’t speak much about it. The bar is his spot. He controls the environment and keeps everyone in high spirits despite his own personal life. His older brother passed away a year ago and the mother of his nephew won't allow them to see each other. He's not sure why but spends a lot of time thinking about it.


He and Savana are in a situationship that nobody understands and nobody wants to acknowledge, especially Shawn.


If you're interested in seeing how Shawn's story comes to life in the pilot script, send an email.