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Established in 1991, Bay City Tennis Club is the premier luxury tennis facility in San Francisco. Our property boasts sixteen indoor tennis courts & four rooftop courts, private executive locker rooms, a full-service restaurant and bar, and other amenities you'll only find at Bay City Tennis Club. Join us in our 30th year!



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About Us

'Members Only' is an hour-long comedy/drama following three friends, Shawn, Ja’Ron, and Savana as they maneuver through their own lives while serving the ultra-wealthy members of Bay City Tennis Club, a luxury tennis club in ridiculously expensive San Francisco. Told from the perspective of three people of color, 'Members Only' exposes the less glamorous side of luxury and those who pay for it.

Meet the Team


Young Businessman

Shawn Thomas

Front Desk Attendant

Young Man

Ja'Ron Simmons


Fashion Portrait

Savana Martinez


Main Characters


Smiling Businessman

Jessi Faragut

General Manager

Confident Businesswoman

Jessica Holmes

Operations Manager

Young Businessman_edited.jpg

Alonzo West

Facilities Manager

Professional Female

Courtney Simms

Front Desk Supervisor

Supporting Characters