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Fashion Portrait

Savana Martinez


Savana works with clients who want to stay fit, get fit, or take their training to the next level. She's extremely in

Savana's History

Savana is a physical trainer and you can tell. She’s in her 40s but could pass for 25. She likes her job as a contract trainer for its freedom and her ability to work odd jobs around the city. She's a free spirit from Miami who is as frugal as they come. She’s lived in the same apartment in San Francisco for nearly 15 years, so you know her rent is cheap. If you watch her movements around the club, you’ll see how she uses all the amenities she can. 

Before joining Bay City Tennis Club, Savana worked in corporate advertising but realized the money wasn't worth the stress. She ran into a friend who was a trainer at the time and the rest is history. 


If you're interested in seeing how Savana's story comes to life in the pilot script, send an email.