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Academy Award film nominee has local ties to Morgan City

Shane Watson was born in Morgan City to parents, Lawrence and Elrica Watson and comes from a long line of Morgan City natives including notable community figure, Leroy Trimm. Although he never lived in Morgan City, Watson says he visited most summers. He recalled spending time with family and attending one of his favorite pastimes as a child; the oldest chartered festival in Louisiana, the Shrimp and Petroleum Festival.

Watson, a recent California College graduate, created “Untold Stories?” during one of his summer vacations to the bayou state using his family to play bit roles in the film. “Untold Stories?” chronicles the stories of unjust murders of African Americans in the United States. The film was shown at the 2014 Indie Memphis Film Festival.

However, it is his latest film, “I Live Here,” that has garnered a nomination in the 2017 Student Academy Awards presented by the The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Watson was the writer, director and editor of the short narrative fiction. The film explores the intersection of black homosexuality and police brutality.

If Watson’s film wins, he will become an Oscars contender and he’ll join the ranks of celebrity filmmakers like Spike Lee, Trey Parker, John Lasseter and Robert Zemeckis.

The 44th Student Academy Awards presentation will be held October 12 in Beverly Hills.

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