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Teaching 7th Grade Math in Southern Louisiana

This interview was conducted during the 2020-2021 winter break.

Q. Have you had Covid-19 cases in your school?


The week before we got out about nine of my students had to go home to quarantine because—nine of my students in one class—had to go home to quarantine because somebody contracted it and they were in the vicinity of that person for 15 minutes. Within less than 6 feet for 15 minutes.

Another thing that scares me. We have to cover other people's classes, which, I understand, somebody's out, they have to handle their business as well. But just covering somebody class who has to quarantine and now I have to go in that exact same class. Did y'all scrub everything down? Did y'all wipe everything? That's something else that scares me because I'm going into somebody else's environment with students that I'm not with every single day that the teacher had the quarantine because of other students, but some of the other students in there did not have the quarantine.

So is it really there? Is it not? It doesn't make sense. And I believe it's just that they don't want to burden the parents with having to be with your kids at home. And I understand that and I'm all for it Kids being in school. What's the greater evil? Being at home and having to do more work or coming to school and getting sick and possibly having fatalities?

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