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Helping Students Get into College

This interview was conducted during the 2020-2021 winter break.

How did the pandemic affect your basketball season?

We were during the first half of the season, we had tryouts and then that was it. It was like the governor of Kentucky was like "none of that."

And we started practicing December the 14th and now Tuesday [January] we're getting ready to play our first game if everything still goes accordingly. And so that's been different because right now we probably would have played probably about 10 to 12 games already. And now we haven't played any.

I'm kind of across the state line in Kentucky coaching at Fulton County high school. The schools in Tennessee I've been playing basically nonstop unless they had a COVID incident. I mean, it really depends on, where you are in our situation. Of course, Shane has been here you can be in Kentucky in maybe 20 minutes and one way, and then if you go another way you can be in Missouri in 20 minutes.

So then if you want to add like 35 minutes, you can be in Arkansas. So we're in this location where you can be in multiple states in less than an hour. But the coaching thing it's been different, but it's good to see, I go back to the seniors. It's good to be able to see the seniors be able to play.

We got our season and last year, just in the nick of time before COIVD hit. So I was happy about that, but this year I'm still excited about what we can accomplish with the guys. And it's just good to have them together and just, be in that setting. One thing about coaching that I liked is that I remember we were in a huddle and I guess it was like 15 of us, 15 of the kids and all 15 of the kids are just, staring at me glued, like I've got all the answers and everything, and it was on video. And I went back and looked at it. And at that time we were losing by, Oh, probably losing by 30. And they were all looking at me like I had the answers and you know, I'm like, huh, I don't know, what are we going to do?

In the back of my mind, you'll be losing by 30 and the team was bigger, stronger. They could play five in, five out, but one of my favorite thing about coaching is just that, the kids look to you and just have them all in one room on one accord and this is just something about that.

I don't know what it is. I don't know, but, just trying to help kids. I like helping kids in every facet.

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